In partnership with FILA, the leader in the sector of cleaning and maintenance products for ceramic surfaces.
The cleaning and maintenance of LINEA slim thickness slabs is quick and easy, therefore Atlas Concorde recommends to follow all the steps for a correct post-installation cleaning and to continue to clean and maintain the surface as indicated. In this way, the aesthetic and technical performance and features of LINEA products will not change over time.

The cleaning operations following the installation of LINEA covering is the first and most important cleaning procedure. This procedure in fact allows for the removal of grout residue and favours subsequent cleaning operations.
For a correct post-installation cleaning, Atlas Concorde recommends following the instructions provided by the companies producing sealing and grouting agents and, in general, to follow some precise basic rules.

Cement-based grouts

  • Remove excess grout from the surface using a spatula on fresh grout lines
  • Clean the grout residue using a wet cellulose sponge and acting diagonally on the grout lines. This operation must be carried only once the grout mix has lost plasticity (on average 10-20 minutes or 5 minutes for textured surfaces). If this procedure is carried out when the grout is still fresh, the grout can be partially removed from grout lines thus running the risk of colour alteration.
  • Abundantly and frequently rinse the sponge using two different buckets of water, one to remove excess grout mix and the other one to rinse the sponge.
  • When the surface is dry, clean it with hot water.
  • On those areas where the grouting has already hardened, use a wet pad of the kind Scotch-Brite.
  • For large surfaces, use a continuous sponge cleaning machine.

Epoxy grouts

  • For a correct and quick cleaning, it is important to remove excess epoxy grout before it starts hardening.
  • When the grout mix is still fresh, wet the surface with water emulsifying using a pad of the kind Scotch-Brite, and paying particular attention not to hollow out grout lines.
  • The liquid residue of grout must be removed using a hard cellulose sponge.
  • In cases where the grout has already hardened, add to water a 10% of ethylic alcohol.

The cleaning of the worksite after installation is another important step to guarantee a correct maintenance of LINEA slim thickness slabs. The purpose of this procedure is that of removing all residue from the ceramic surface (such as mortar, cement, paint, grout, etc.) as well as any other residue that can cause stains or rims on the surface. Atlas Concorde recommends not carrying out this procedure before the grout has completely seasoned (2-3 days) paying particular attention to protecting inserts and decors in natural stone, marble, granite or metal avoiding the use of steel wool or scouring pads that can scratch the surface. During this phase, it is recommended to use an acid detergent that can be applied manually or using specialist cleaning machines. Strictly follow the instructions of use and dilution percentage indicated by the manufacturer and reported on the detergent package.


  • Sweep the floor and remove dust and dirt;
  • Wet the cement grout with water in order to protect it from the attack of acids contained in the detergent;
  • Uniformly distribute the acid detergent diluted with water using a cloth or a sponge. For large surfaces, use a rotary floor care machine;
  • Leave in action for a few minutes depending on the dirt;
  • Act again on any dirt residue;
  • Dry the surface using dry and clean cloth. On floors, it is possible to use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner;
  • Rinse with hot water and repeat the operation until all residues have been removed.

If dirt persists in some areas, Atlas Concorde recommends repeating the acid cleaning at a higher concentration of detergent paying particular attention to inserts or decors that can be subject to the attack of acid.

The cleaning and maintenance of surfaces covered with LINEA slim thickness slabs is easy and quick, especially if the post-installation and worksite cleaning procedures have been carried out properly. A floor cloth or a wet sponge for wall coverings together with the use of a neutral detergent is enough to guarantee the perfect maintenance of the surface.
In certain special conditions or when the ceramic product has changed its aspect, Atlas Concorde recommends carrying out a degreasing cleaning using alkaline detergents or, in certain destinations of use (i.e. outdoors) to carry out a scale-removing cleaning using acid detergents frequently rinsing the surface.
It is important to avoid the use of waxing and polishing products as well as steel wool, scouring pads or other abrasive products.

This type of extraordinary maintenance procedure must be carried out only when the surface is stained or has rims that cannot be removed with ordinary cleaning. The removal of these stains will occur thanks to a chemical reaction with the detergent therefore there are different solutions depending on the type of dirt to remove.
Detergents for the cleaning and maintenance of LINEA slim thickness slabs

Prodotto Caratteristiche Note
Worksite cleaning on smooth natural matt surface FILA – DETERDEK Buffered acid detergent/td>

1:10 in hot water
Worksite cleaning on textured surface FILA – DETERDEK Buffered acid detergent 1:5 in hot water
Worksite cleaning on already used surface FILA – PS/87 + DETERDEK Alkaline detergent + Buffered acid detergent As above, depending on the type of surface
Ordinary cleaning with neutral detergent FILACLEANER Low-residue neutral detergent 1:200 in hot water
Ordinary cleaning with scale-removing agentse FILA – PS87 Alkaline detergent/td>

1:20 in hot water
Ordinary cleaning with scale-removing agents FILA – DETERDEK Buffered acid detergent 1:20 in hot water
Extraordinary cleaning in case of inorganic dirt (coal, plaster, chalk, metallic scratches, rust, graphite, tempera, etc.) FILA – DETERDEK Buffered acid detergent 1:20 in hot water
Extraordinary cleaning in case of organic dirt (coke, coffee, wine, beer, mayonnaise, jam, marmalade, ice-cream, shampoo, lipstick…) FILA – PS/87 Alkaline detergent 1:5 in hot water
Extraordinary cleaning in case of synthetic dirt (resin, oily rims, wax, paints and varnishes, ink, etc.) FILA SOLV Solvent Neat