Simple style and contemporary appeal

A minimalist, refined lobby project

Tone-on-tone shades strongly characterize the design of this lobby created with the Arkshade collection. Neutral 75x150 cm Grey and White porcelain tile surfaces intersect with Blue accents in a creative, harmonious ensemble of original palettes and minimalist approaches. The style of the space is defined by the alternation between surfaces that are both matte, with an imperceptible microtexture, and polished, particularly bright and reflective, intertwined in a manner that creates a dynamic movement. The result is an environment with a simple style and a contemporary appeal, embellished with the Linea 3D mosaic and strips of different sizes of the Brick decoration, which complete the look with their clean design. The porcelain tiles on the floors are extremely durable and are therefore perfect for high-traffic areas like this one.
AtlasConcorde Arkshade 001 00 White-Grey
AtlasConcorde Arkshade 001 02 White-Grey
AtlasConcorde Arkshade 001 01 White-Grey ADV
AtlasConcorde Arkshade 001 04 Lead MosaicoLinea3D
AtlasConcorde Arkshade 001 06 White
AtlasConcorde Arkshade 001 05 Lead MosaicoLinea3D
AtlasConcorde Arkshade 001 03 White-Grey
AtlasConcorde Arkshade 001 07 White ST
AtlasConcorde Arkshade 001 08 Grey-Blue

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