AtlasConcorde Ewall 001 00 PetroleumGreen

Slashes of light and colour in a brushed concrete-look wall tile
The  ideal collection with which to clad commercial spaces and residential environments with maximum creative freedom and an urban touch.

With the EWall collection, colour meets with the concrete material, elevated to offer an advanced design finish, bold in character and with significant aesthetic potential. 

The vital energy of the colour, the luminous resin effect and the varied light reflections give the collection personality and enrich its expressive strength, increasing the aesthetic and functional potential of the best Atlas Concorde white body wall tiles.

The material essence and natural tones

Material grandeur and colour-inspired emotion for walls that are like modern works of art.

Inspired by brushed concrete, the advanced EWall surface is enhanced by a slight texture and surprising reflections of light, for a decorative finish with great aesthetic impact, pleasantly velvety to the touch and offering an overall effect of mellowness.
Wall Tiles
AtlasConcorde Ewall Pure 40X80 Matte 8E4L
AtlasConcorde Ewall Concrete 40X80 Matte 8E4D
AtlasConcorde Ewall Night 40X80 Matte 8E4H
AtlasConcorde Ewall White 40X80 Matte 8E4W
AtlasConcorde Ewall Amethyst 40X80 Matte 8E4B
AtlasConcorde Ewall Moka 40X80 Matte 8E4K
AtlasConcorde Ewall Suede 40X80 Matte 8E4V
AtlasConcorde Ewall Petroleum 40X80 Matte 8E4F
AtlasConcorde Ewall Orange 40X80 Matte 8E4G
AtlasConcorde Ewall Red 40X80 Matte 8E4Q
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