Oasis of well-being

Contemporary architecture takes its inspiration from nature

The deeply natural look of the stone effect bathroom tiles allows you to design wellness spaces with an alluring scenic impact. Klif porcelain floor and wall tiles are the ideal solution for this spa environment. On a conceptual level it recalls the beauty of the original material, and from a practical point of view it ensures maximum safety. The refined beauty of coordinated floors and walls in the Silver shade interacts with the greenery outside, conveying rejuvenating sensations. While the rough elegance of the 40x80 cm 3D Row three-dimensional wall tiles recalls hand-chiseled stone, and with its realistic texture underscores the sink area and the contemporary style of the environment.
AtlasConcorde Klif 002 00 Silver
AtlasConcorde Klif 002 02 Silver 3DRow ADV
AtlasConcorde Klif 002 01 Silver 3DRow
AtlasConcorde Klif 002 03 Silver 3DRow
AtlasConcorde Klif 002 06 Silver
AtlasConcorde Klif 002 05 Silver 3DRow ST
AtlasConcorde Klif 002 08 Silver ST
AtlasConcorde Klif 002 07 Silver

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