Bright, golden accents

The decorations of the Mek collection for a luxurious contemporary look

Metallic accents, flashes of light, and geometric inspirations: an extensive, refined selection of decorations is embellished with iridescent effects, matching porcelain floor tiles and white body wall tiles from the Mek collection. The expressive use of mosaics and decorations characterized by bright colors and original textures enriches commercial and residential environments with creative and scenic patterns, giving furnishing projects a lively, contemporary personality.
AtlasConcorde Mek 004a 04 Blue MosaicoDiamond ST
AtlasConcorde Mek 004a 03 Blue Wallpaper ST
AtlasConcorde Mek 001a 01 Rose Hexagon ST
AtlasConcorde Mek 001a 02 Rose Wallpaper ST
AtlasConcorde Mek 007a 02 Light ChevronWall ST
AtlasConcorde Mek 001a 03 Rose DiamondWall ST
AtlasConcorde Mek 001a 04 Rose ChevronWall ST
AtlasConcorde Mek 001a 05 Gold Circles ST
AtlasConcorde Mek 002 08 Medium MosaicoEsagono ST
AtlasConcorde Mek 007 02 Medium DiamondWall ST
AtlasConcorde Mek 007a 01 Light ChevronWall

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