Metal-effect geometric shapes

Bright reflections that decorate relaxation spaces with creative, original layouts

Clear and bright, the Light and Medium wall tiles of the wellness space create an interesting color contrast with the metallic concrete-effect porcelain tile floors in the dark, intense shades of Dark in the 45x80 cm format. A refined bathroom environment enriched with original accents thanks to the presence of the 30.5x30.5 cm decorative Diamond Wall pattern, composed of triangular tiles with precious inserts that convey authentic emotions.
AtlasConcorde Mek 005 00 Light-Dark
AtlasConcorde Mek 005 02 Light-Dark
AtlasConcorde Mek 005 04 Light-Dark
AtlasConcorde Mek 005 06 Dark
AtlasConcorde Mek 005 07 Dark ST
AtlasConcorde Mek 005 08 Light 3DFold ST
AtlasConcorde Mek 005 05 Light-Dark

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