AtlasConcorde Seastone 001 00 Black-Greige

Natural slabs with a sleek appearance.
Advanced ceramic surfaces that are multiform and feature a variety of traces of fossils.

AtlasConcorde Seastone 001 03 Black-Greige
AtlasConcorde Seastone 004 00 Gray
The ceramic material goes beyond the potential of nature, the cool tones flanked by warm and refined shades and by a sophisticated white, to respond to numerous design needs.
While warm and cool tones contrast and combine to decorate any type of surface in a refined and elegant way, at the same time a wide range of sizes offers rich and creative ways in which to personalise spaces, with interesting compositions and the matching of different shaped modules.
A collection of contemporary and versatile ceramic surfaces

Seastone gives modern living spaces a sophisticated and suggestive flavour,
as well as significant aesthetic value.

AtlasConcorde Seastone 003 00 Greige
AtlasConcorde Seastone 002 00 Greige
The non-slip textured finish is available in four sizes to increase installation potential and add decorative value, and is also designed for outdoor technical use, with a 20 mm thickness.
Porcelain Tiles
AtlasConcorde Seastone White 60x60 Textured 8S30
AtlasConcorde Seastone Sand 60x60 Textured 8S29
AtlasConcorde Seastone Greige 60x60 Textured 8S28
AtlasConcorde Seastone Gray 60x60 Textured 8S27
AtlasConcorde Seastone Black 60x60 Textured 8S26
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