All-natural contemporary style

A living room with a simple, refined design

In this living room project the surfaces of the stone-effect Seastone collection dominate the scene and give the environment the flavor of an all-natural European contemporary style. An expert blend of refined design, evocative materials, and a guarantee of reliability, the stone-effect surfaces characterize the soul of modern living, guaranteeing a great freedom of design. The textured non-slip finish has an esthetic value that makes it a great choice even for walls, for a visually complete design. The intensity and shades of black in the 60x60 cm and 30x60 cm formats enhance the visual depth of the graphics dotted with traces of fossils.
Seastone Black, Seastone Greige, Seastone Greige Strutturato, Seastone Black Mosaico Linea Mix2, Seastone Greige Elemento L Strutturato, Etic Palissandro
Seastone Black
Seastone Black, Etic Palissandro
Seastone Greige, Seastone Black
Seastone Black, Seastone Black Mosaico Linea Mix2, Etic Palissandro

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