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Hôtel L’Hermitage

A breath of fresh air on the Atlantic coast: this is how one could describe the majestic Hôtel L'Hermitage in La Baule, a seaside resort in the French region of Pays de la Loire. A watershed between a long sandy beach and a fragrant pine forest, the five-star hotel is an excellent example of how to set human architectural design in a natural landscape. Distinguished by delicate tones of beige and blue both on the outside and the inside, the structure integrates with extreme elegance in a maritime atmosphere that combines the beauty of simplicity with the dreamy air that only the ocean can offer.
​Homey yet luxurious, impressive yet intimate: the Hermitage expertly combines opposites that are usually mutually exclusive. Large spaces furnished with minimalist and simple furniture are embellished with golden decorations, solemn chandeliers and marble-inspired floors and walls from Atlas Concorde in the bathrooms.
Considered worldwide as one of the noblest materials, marble comes to life on ceramic surfaces that reproduce even the lightest nuances with extreme fidelity: intense veins, natural gradations and refined aesthetics distinguish the walls and floors of the bathrooms, making them perfectly in line with the style of all the other rooms of the hotel. The alternation between the highly polished veins and the simple matte finish underlines the cornerstone on which the whole architectural and furnishing project of the structure is based: a continuous play of contrasts like luxury and moderation, elegance and simplicity.
The ceramic collection chosen by the Hôtel L'Hermitage to furnish the bathrooms is Marvel Pro in the Cremo Delicato color and in the 30x60 cm size.