Luxury Vacation homes

Along the highway running through the desert in California there is a small oasis full of golf courses, swimming pools and palm trees called Palm Springs. The favorite destination for rich people in the post-war years where they could construct buildings and villas of an unexpected luxury, the Californian city in the heart of the Coachella Valley has also become a retreat for many Hollywood celebrities.

The echoes of these golden ages are evident in the names of the main thoroughfares that recall the stars of the early days, including Frank Sinatra Drive, Bob Hope Drive, and Dinah Shore Drive. In recent years, however, Palm Springs has been reborn as a destination for elite tourists, in a modern remake of retro-chic environments with sunny expanses surrounded by palm trees and hotels with a refined taste.

Among these, the Luxury Vacation Rental Homes is the ideal choice for family and business stays, offering a solution capable of ensuring privacy, comfort, and welcoming environments for its guests. Enlarged from its original mid-century size, the structure respects and honors the architectural integrity of the original design while offering a contemporary selection of furnishings and conception of common spaces.

Respect for tradition and an attention to modern style is also visible in the Atlas Concorde floors, chosen for the building's indoor and outdoor areas. The project interprets the Venetian Terrazzo style with creativity and refinement, proposed in a contemporary key characterized by flakes, inclusions and fragments with a marble effect. The surfaces reflect the variety of colors and grains of original crushed marble for spaces with a contemporary character and refined interior design.