Hospitality & Wellness


Built in 1930 and fully renovated a short time ago, the Noelle Hotel is a landmark of elegance in the rich and intricate texture of the city of Nashville. The nerve centre of an elegant, sophisticated lifestyle, imposing its distinctive trademark upon a combination of refinement and uniqueness, the Noelle Hotel is the optimal location for short tourist visits as well as for marriages, celebrations, corporate events and conventions.

Selected to create an atmosphere of glamour and class, the porcelain stoneware floorings and the white-body wall tiles from Atlas Concorde are in complete harmony with the desired mood of its architectonic design. A concrete expression of the technical and aesthetic excellence of Atlas Concorde, the style of the ceramic surfaces are a source of both intrigue and fascination.

The expression of an imposing but subtle temperament, the marble effect porcelain stoneware which embellishes the bathroom floorings and walls sets off the original material with realism and precision, characterised by intense veining and natural gradations. Uniting the personality and expressive force of the marble effect to the advantage of the sandstone, the Atlas Concorde ceramic collection guarantees optimal technical characteristics in terms of wear and stain-resistance.   

In harmony with the charm of the marble is the elegance of the small ceramic surfaces with rectified edges which decorate the walls and make the kitchen a jewel. Refinement and personality are the watchwords of the tile work which, in an 8 x 31.5 cm format, concentrates the unmistakable tone of the Italian design while combining the best aspects of the white-body wall tiles and the elegance of enamel, offering ease of installation and simplicity in maintenance and cleaning.  

The collections utilised are Marvel Pro and Brick Atelier.