Boost World: a new style for contemporary design.

Boost World is a style project that Atlas Concorde has designed to meet the needs of contemporary architecture and design.

Boost World is both an assortment of collections and a style project that combines autonomous collections that are similar in tone and application.

Its surfaces are designed to create contemporary, elegant and comfortable environments. The neutral palette allows for endless possibilities, from delicate tone-on-tone combinations to sharp contrasts. Thanks to their high versatility, porcelain floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles from the Boost, Boost Pro, Boost Stone and Boost Natural collections can be used in any number of spaces. The wide variety of modular formats guarantees maximum freedom of expression, allowing you to adapt the Boost World collections to any interior or exterior project.

Alone or combined, the collections of Boost World speak the same language. Different looks with an international style, to convey a distinctive personality.

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