Atlas Concorde raised floors for indoor application are characterised by modular panel structures of various sizes. Generally, raised floors are carried out using 60x60cm modules, but Atlas Concorde solutions for raised floors include 4 different sizes:  60×60 cm, 60×120 cm, 30×60 cm and 45×90 cm.

Panel structural core
The core of the panel can be made up of:
– High density chipboard (720 kg/m3)
– Calcium sulphate-based inert material (density 1500 kg/m3)
The lower covering of the core is in aluminium (thickness 0.05 mm).

Surface cladding
The broad range of Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware collections allow for the personalisation of the panel surface covering meeting different style needs and making every Atlas Concorde raised floor unique.

Outer edge
The panel edge is in rigid plastic material with a high chemical stability and abrasion resistance.

Load-bearing structure
The load-bearing structure of Atlas Concorde raised floors is available in a broad range of galvanised steel elements featuring minimum encumbrance and maximum versatility.

With variable heights ranging from 55 mm to 1 meter and more, the standard structures are characterised by a support head of 3 mm thickness with 8 radial spokes profiled in order to perform a quick anchoring of the cross-beam both on the perimeter and on the diagonals of the panel. The base of the structure is built up by a galvanised steel disk (diameter 90 mm; thickness 1.5 mm), suitable for fixing using adhesives and/or mechanical means. This base allows for height adjustment thanks to a threaded bar and an anti-unscrewing nut.

This version features the height adjustment device under the head of the support and not on its base. Specifically designed for floor raises from 190 mm to more than 1 meter.

Suitable for structures that need to bear heavy loads, the premium structure is built up by a 100×100 mm base with a reinforced thickness of 2.5 mm. The tube is completed with a height-adjustable head with threaded bar M20.

One Step
A structure designed for raised floors featuring panels with special sizes, that is to say, porcelain stoneware slabs that are smaller than the standard 60×60 cm module (from 595x595mm to 599x599mm). Adjustable height from 55mm to 62mm, the head of the support features 4 radial spokes for quick anchoring of traverse.

Made up of galvanised steel via cold-printing or extrusion, the cross-beams are available in 4 versions – Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra-heavy – depending on the loads and the mechanical resistance required by the project.

The support head and the cross-beams are completed by gaskets in semi-rigid extruded plastic material to allow for a perfect coupling of the structure and the panel and for the improvement of the acoustic, thermal and hygrometric insulation of the floor.