The system consists of aluminium thermo-cut uprights fixed to the external wall of the building using brackets. Between the upright profiles and the external wall, there is an insulating panel that is available in different thicknesses, 60, 80, 100 and 120 mm. Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware slabs are fixed to the upright profiles using aluminium horizontal running sections. This system is particularly advantageous where the encumbrance of the facade is restricted. In fact, the total thickness of the system will be a mere 60mm, insulating panel excluded.


The anchoring device of porcelain stoneware slabs for micro-ventilated facades with insulating panel is the same used for traditional ventilated facades with concealed anchoring device, so the slabs are mechanically fixed and stabilised with the application of a layer of adhesive.


Unlike traditional ventilated facades, micro-ventilated facades with insulating panels use special anchoring uprights that should an insulating layer of the equivalent thickness be used – allow for a reduced total encumbrance of the system. The use of brackets of a predetermined length means that you cannot compensate for the adjustment of out-of-plumb walls.

“The solutions presented in this hand-book are just part of Atlas Concorde systems available. All these structures and anchoring devices can be combined together to meet any specific project-planning need.”