The system consists of aluminium upright micro-profiles anchored to the external wall of the building using plugs with no brackets. Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware slabs are fixed to these profiles using horizontal running sections in aluminium, of the same kind as those used for the fixing of traditional ventilated facades with concealed anchoring device. This solution does not foresee the introduction of insulating panels, therefore the porcelain stoneware covering is installed at just 53 mm from the external wall of the building.


The anchoring device of porcelain stoneware slabs for micro-ventilated facades is the same used for traditional ventilated facades with concealed anchoring device, so the slabs are mechanically fixed and stabilised with the application of a layer of adhesive.


The absence of brackets means that you cannot compensate for the adjustment of out-of-plumb walls.

“The solutions presented in this hand-book are just part of Atlas Concorde systems available. All these structures and anchoring devices can be combined together to meet any specific project-planning need.”