Wellness area decorated with beauty and practicality
Sensations inspired by wood for pure, natural well-being
A project featuring the extraordinary combination of a natural wood look and ceramic technology. Etic porcelain tiles decorate the spa, combining the performance of the safe, non-slip textured finish reproducing an evocative three-dimensional saw cut with the warm, natural sensations of the original material. The 22.5x90 cm surfaces in the Noce nuance with its long wavy grains and soft knots, together with the decorative Tatami motif on the wall, recreate a welcoming, evocative environment where you can regenerate with a pleasant cocooning effect.
Etic Noce, Etic Noce Strutturato, Etic Noce Tatami, Advance Bianco Brera
Etic Noce, Advance Bianco Brera
Etic Noce, Etic Noce Strutturato
Etic Noce, Etic Noce Tatami, Advance Bianco Brera
AtlasConcorde Etic 001 05 Noce ST
Etic Rovere
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