Metal-effect scenes

Three-dimensional walls and amazing colors in wellness and relaxation spaces

Floors and tiles with a metallic concrete-effect are combined with surfaces inspired by marble from the Marvel Pro collection and three-dimensional decorations to furnish a bathroom with a modern, refined design. The room features elegant porcelain tiles with slight streaking in the metallic gray Medium color that interact with ceramic wall tiles in the Rose and neutral Light hues. A precious look enhanced by the tapered relief of 3D Wall Design Ultra Blade that creates elegant facets on the wall with shimmering reflections alternating with lights and shadows for a modern, scenic three-dimensional effect.
AtlasConcorde Mek 003 00 Medium-Rose 3DUltraBlade
AtlasConcorde Mek 003 03 Rose
AtlasConcorde Mek 003 01 Medium-Rose ADV
AtlasConcorde Mek 003 05 Rose 3DUltraBlade
AtlasConcorde Mek 003 06 Rose 3DUltraBlade
AtlasConcorde Mek 003 04 Light
AtlasConcorde Mek 003 07 Rose 3DUltraBlade ST
AtlasConcorde Mek 003 08 Rose ST
AtlasConcorde Mek 003 09 Light ST

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