Work & Office


A skillful play of light and irregular shapes, an orderly alternation of stained glass windows, mirrors and opaque colors: the new headquarters of Imlitex, the great Lithuanian group with 16 companies operating in the chemical, agri-food, textile, plastic, energy and food sectors is a blend of contemporary architectural inspirations that all have originality and a refined esthetic taste in common. 

The external facade made of enormous mirrors acts as a majestic welcome to those who enter to discover a simple, unique and extremely modern environment. Helping to create such a singular setting are ceramic tiles by Atlas Concorde used to furnish the indoor floors of the reception and hallway.

The beauty of concrete-effect porcelain tiles reproduces the nuances and irregularities typical of the original material, like shaded and discontinuous colors, scales and graininess. The surface microtexture makes the effect of manual application realistic, giving the spaces a contemporary and urban feel.

The concrete-effect porcelain stoneware used is that of Dwell in the dark Smoke color.