The raised floor is a “floating” flooring system in which the foot plan is not directly laid onto the ground but onto a suspended metallic structure. This allows for the creation of a gap or void between the footing and the floor, that is to say a feature that can be used to answer specific building needs and living comfort.

In particular, raised floors enable the creation of an empty and useable gap to conceal electrical circuits and other cabling (electrical, hydraulic and communication networks, air-conditioning and safety systems, etc) which can be easily inspected, repaired and changed. Thanks to their independent, modular structure, raised floors ensure an easier and more frequent transformation and use of the space.

Thanks to the partnership with leading companies in the sector, the raised floors created using Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware have been designed to solve, in a functional way, the problems associated with the contrast between the immutability of building structures and the evolving needs of those who live and work in them