Thanks to their features, the destination of use of Atlas Concorde raised floors are many and varied. The gap created between the substrate and foot plan makes the system perfect for:

  • Industrial, business and commercial venues where the need for ever more complicated and yet easily-accessible electrical circuits and cabling necessitate the need for easy and flexible solutions.
  • Open space. The opportunity to mix and match different finishes means the ability to separate, define and differentiate the space according to functional and style needs.
  • Renovation of old buildings that can be quickly readapted without compromising the rest of the building structure.
  • Residential contexts where, for example, the use of a raised floor facilitates the installation of heating, air-conditioning, lighting and hydraulic systems, increasing acoustic and thermal insulation and simplifying any future restyling.
  • Outdoor use in terraces, gardens, parks, pathways, swimming pool edges, patios, etc, thanks to specially designed structures and the broad range of Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware collections for the outdoors.