The system consists of aluminium upright profiles fixed to the external wall of the building using adjustable brackets. Between the upright profi le and the external wall, there is an insulating panel that can be up to 140 mm thick. Horizontal running sections made of aluminium are then fixed to the upright profiles, and these horizontal sections are the anchorage devices for the external covering in Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware. With this system, the external porcelain stoneware facade can be installed at a maximum distance of 240 mm from the external wall of the building (but always a minimum of 100 mm from the insulating panel).


The characteristic of ventilated walls with a concealed anchoring device is the presence of a joint of 4 mm between adjacent slabs, which guarantees a continuous effect on the wall covered with Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware. During the assembly stage, the slabs are mechanically fixed to the joint via a flap on the horizontal running section and a channel along the entire length of the slab and then a layer of adhesive is applied between the slab and the horizontal section itself. This ensures a greater stability of the system compared to single fixing methods (be they mechanical or using adhesives).