Compared to other traditional covering systems, the technology of ventilated facades combined with the use of Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware materials allows Atlas Concorde ventilated walls to:

Create in the air space a further technical space for piping and cabling;

Weaken the impact of loads on the building thanks to the metallic structure acting as the bearing system of the façade and thanks to the opportunity to use hi-tech ceramic materials;

Eliminate the detachment of covering materials as Atlas Concorde ventilated facades feature a mechanical fixing system;

Eliminate the risk of subsidence and cracking of the cladding;

Carry out maintenance and replacement operations acting on each single slab;

Easily clean and sanitise the external wall;

Have walls with a low coefficient of thermal expansion, thus considerably reducing cracks and detachments of tiles;

Have walls with a high bending strength and resistance to shock;

Have walls with a high fire-proofing power because they create a shield against flames in the case of fire;

High resistance to seismic activity.