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PRO-CLEAN SERVICE is the new post-installation cleaning service that Atlas Concorde, in partnership with FILA, a leading company in the cleaning, protection and maintenance of ceramic surfaces, puts at the disposal of its customers. The first cleaning carried out following installation is an important procedure: with just a few clicks, PRO-CLEAN SERVICE allows you to overcome any possible problems in an easy and professional way. Atlas Concorde and FILA never tire in their constant research and control of all the phases of ceramic material via in-depth analysis and laboratory tests. The PRO-CLEAN SERVICE was created thanks to this synergy and has become a certification of a proper cleaning in compliance with the quality and technical standards set by both Atlas Concorde and FILA.




A proper cleaning immediately following installation of ceramic tiles is of vital importance in maintaining the aesthetic and technical features of the ceramic tiles themselves for as long as possible.
In fact, post-installation cleaning removes cement, adhesive, grout, paint residue and dirt of any kind and nature that may otherwise deposit on the surface and make subsequent daily cleaning and maintenance procedures ineffective.
The care with which this post-installation cleaning is carried out will affect the cleanability of the ceramic tile surface throughout its life span: leaving residue means leaving catalysers of dirt on the surface.

The service, carried out by FILA is exclusive to Atlas Concorde and, in a few simple steps, can resolve post-installation cleaning problems related to all floors and wall cladding in porcelain stoneware, indoors or outdoors.


PRO-CLEAN SERVICE is a treatment carried out by FILA and exclusive to Atlas Concorde, created for projects using our ceramic materials for a surface larger than 500 m2. At the end of the cleaning operations, FILA will certify the floor and/or wall cladding that underwent post-installation cleaning via the issue of a certificate of guarantee.

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Le operazioni di pulizia saranno eseguite da personale specializzato seguendo le indicazioni riportate nelle schede tecniche dei prodotti utilizzati, agendo nel pieno rispetto delle norme vigenti.Per una corretta riuscita delle operazioni di pulizia di fine cantiere, è necessario che la posa delle piastrelle sia eseguita a regola d'arte, come da indicazioni riportate nelle schede tecniche del produttore di stucco e colla utilizzati.In caso contrario Atlas Concorde e FILA non certificano il servizio di pulizia di fine cantiere.