Boost World

A system of surfaces for design

Global calling

Boost World is a style project designed to meet the needs of international architecture and interior design with a collection of concrete-effect, stone-effect and raw earth-look floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles with similar designs and colors, easy to mix and match in any type of indoor or outdoor environment.

Boost your Style

Boost World is a collection of porcelain floor tiles that is unique in its colors and expressive affinity, created by Atlas Concorde to meet the needs of contemporary design. The collections it embraces are easy to mix and match, allowing for the design of floors and walls either with tone-on-tone combinations or sharp contrasts between colors and textures.

Broad perspectives

The wide range of sizes and finishes in different thicknesses guarantees maximum freedom for any use, and allows you to combine tiles with concrete effect, stone effect, and raw earth effect in a common stylistic whole, for environments that speak the same language.
AtlasConcorde BoostWorld ProjectTable 12
AC BOOST-WORLD collezioni-colori

A world of design

The collections that make up Boost World are united by a simple yet strongly contemporary style. While each maintains its own specific identity, they all share a palette of neutral tones and a natural elegance that combine to create projects with an international style.

Surfaces for a complete design

The creative potential of Boost World is evident in its many uses. The wide range of colors, sizes, and finishes in different thicknesses makes it possible to design coordinated environments, outdoor spaces in stylistic continuity with interior spaces and ventilated facades, as well as furnishing solutions of all kinds such as tables, worktops, and washbasins.
AtlasConcorde BoostPro Moodboard Wall

The collections of Boost World

Alone or combined with each other, the tiles are able to speak the same language, becoming the ideal backdrop for spaces with an elegant, international style.


Boost offers a sophisticated industrial style thanks to a range of concrete-effect tiles in varying shades of gray. On walls, color accents convey a distinctive counterpoint to the spaces.
AC BOOST WORLD boost-pro

Boost Pro

With Boost Pro five warm shades expand the selection of concrete-effect tiles with welcoming inspirations. Thanks to their powdery colors, the wall tiles perfectly complement industrial furnishings.

Boost Stone

Boost Stone features stone-effect porcelain floor tiles and a rich range of large coordinated slabs inspired by the limestone of the Pyrenees, proposed in the colors of the concrete-effect tiles of Boost and Boost Pro.
AC BOOST WORLD boost-stone
AC BOOST WORLD boost-natural

Boost Natural

Boost Natural combines the artisanal techniques used by Matteo Brioni to work clay with modern ceramic technology, and reinterprets the natural effect of raw earth on the surface of porcelain tiles.
Boost World
Boost World
Boost World
Boost World
Boost World
Boost World
Boost World
Boost World

A palette of soft, neutral shades

Architects and designers can now enjoy a unique, wide-ranging color palette composed of neutral tones and color accents designed to match each other, allowing for tone-on-tone combinations and sharp contrasts between warm and cool nuances, and even between surfaces inspired by different materials.
AtlasConcorde Boost 001 00 Pearl-White
AtlasConcorde BoostPro 005 03 Clay-Ivory
AtlasConcorde BoostNatural 010 03 Umber
AtlasConcorde BoostStone 001a 06 Grey
Boost World
Boost World
Boost World
Boost World
Boost World
Boost World
Boost World
Boost World

A range of decors with a unique breadth

In addition to traditional bricks and a wide range of mosaics, Boost World also features large-format decors that are perfect for transforming walls into modern scenic frescoes. The range is completed by a selection of encaustic tiles for decorative swaths inspired by the colorful motifs of traditional cement tiles.
AtlasConcorde BoostStone 001 04 Pearl HexMosaic
AtlasConcorde BoostNatural 003 04 Ash PianoMixMosaic
AtlasConcorde BoostPro 004 06 Clay-Ivory MinibrickPro
AtlasConcorde Boost 003 09 Tarmac HexJade ST

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