Porcelain stoneware in 2cm thick stone-effect tiles for exteriors of character

The stone inspired porcelain tiles in the 2cm option makes a strong and expressive statement for residential and commercial exteriors. Especially for patios and walkways.

Made in italy

Substantial, vigorous, expressive describes the stone look porcelain tiles for the outdoors in the 2cm option. Making it ideal for a contemporary exterior design that makes a statement. Outdoor porcelain tiles in the 2cm thickness gives strength to a contemporary exterior design with a personality that is substantial, vigorous and expressive. Options include a stone-inspired porcelain tile for interiors, humid areas and exterior floors and walls. Meanwhile, providing design projects complete synergy between safety, reliability and aesthetics. The technical performance features of the products available in the range make the collection suitable for interior or exterior floors and walls. Thereby creating synergy between reliability and aesthetics. The Grip finish in the 30×60 size means being able to create safe floors for humid areas. Perfect for exteriors that must coordinate with the interior design. The stone look surface of the porcelain floors in 2cm thickness mimics the aesthetic features of the surface to the interior, ensuring maximum visual continuity between inside and outside.


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