Pavements and wall tiles with the incisive beauty of natural stone for harmonious well-being

Porcelain floors and coordinated white body wall tiles communicate the aesthetics of the natural material, while giving strength and harmony to the wellness area.

Made in italy

Energetic porcelain tile surfaces and coordinated white body wall tiles communicate the significant aesthetics by remaining attentive to the details of natural stones and providing visual continuity for projects with a decisive style. The white body wall tiles inspired by natural stone are available in a bright white shade and two shades of light grey, for pleasant combinations that can be coordinated with the porcelain tile flooring. In a bathroom, the 3D Blade wall design uses a play of light which creates a beautiful three-dimensional wall effect that evokes sculptured stone. Bold lines with sharp features dictate the style of three-dimensional walls to create surfaces where the aesthetics of the stone is enriched by combinations of fascinating play of light. Evoking sculpted stone, the three-dimensional ceramic walls in the bathroom create a theatrical play of light which emphasizes the dynamic profile of the tile design.


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