Porcelain stoneware expressing the feel of stone to create a strong, natural and welcoming atmosphere

Brave stone-look porcelain tiles with a hammered finish and warm tones create an expressive atmosphere that is both natural and warming.

Made in italy

Inspired by natural stone, the porcelain surface with a hammered effect provides authenticity and strength to prestigious residential projects which are bold and welcoming. Rich in details that evoke the stones of inspiration, the porcelain surface is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications that require a combination of aesthetics, reliability and safety. The energy of the stone-look surface is finished by a slight shimmer that evokes the micro-crystals of quartz. The intense and powerful stone-look surface in the square 75×75 size covers the floors and walls of the living area. Meanwhile, combining elegant natural tones and their slightly warm hues to create atmospheres that are decisive but also welcoming.


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