Stone-effect three-dimensional ceramic surfaces with flowing elements in relief

The powerful porcelain tile surface reproduces colours and hues of the natural stone of inspiration. The matching wall tiles ensure continuity of style and colour in bathrooms.

Made in italy

Inspired by carefully selected natural stones, the energetic porcelain tile surface creates a dynamic floor which is easy to install. The elegant white body wall tiles ensure coordinated chromatic combinations and planning continuity in the residential bathroom. This is brought to life by sculptured three-dimensional wall tiles. The project is completed by the rectangular mosaic covering the shower area. A dynamic composition of rectangular tesserae evokes traditional stone mosaics. Ideal for cladding the bathroom and shower areas. Three-dimensional stone-look ceramic surfaces adorned by willowy reliefs that transform entire walls into dynamic and suggestive sculptures. Essential design and decisive character coexist in a bathroom in which the strong and expressive porcelain and the clean elegance beauty.


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