AtlasConcorde Brave 004 00 Coke-Gypsum
AtlasConcorde Brave 004 00 Coke-Gypsum
AtlasConcorde Brave 004 01 Coke-Gypsum
Brave stone-look porcelain tiles give authenticity and power to prestigious interior floors designed for modern business environments, hospitality, retail and wellness centers.
Brave porcelain tiles have a powerful stone-look surface, in different hues from grey to natural white that create intense and suggestive colour compositions.
AtlasConcorde Brave 004 02 Coke-Gypsum
AtlasConcorde Brave 004 03 Coke
The wide range of sizes of porcelain tiles extends up to the 75×150 format. This is accommodating for floors, walls, and architectural spaces of any dimension. The powerful surface of Brave porcelain tiles in the 75×150 size is available in two hues of grey and in a warm and natural shade of white. This creates an elegant and suggestive chromatic compositions, chosen for a contemporary showroom project.
AtlasConcorde Brave 004 06 Coke-Gypsum
AtlasConcorde Brave 004 04 Coke
AtlasConcorde Brave 004 08 Coke ST
AtlasConcorde Brave 004 09 Coke ST
The three-dimensional decor creates walls and partitions of tremendous expressive force. The Brick 3D decor introduces a spectacular wall into the project where the three-dimensionality gives strength and power to the environment.
AtlasConcorde Brave 004 05 Coke-Gypsum Brick3D
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