AtlasConcorde Dwell 008 00 Turquoise-Ice
AtlasConcorde Dwell 008 00 Turquoise-Ice
AtlasConcorde Dwell 008 01 Turquoise-Ice
In the white body wall tiles, the surprising charm of turquoise tone and the nuances reflected on the surface give depth to the wall.
In the bathroom project, the living Turquoise hue is enriched by a brilliant mosaic full of reflections and flashes of light
The combination with the cool white hue divides the space into functional areas. On the floor, the seductive graphic motion of the herringbone decor stands out. The surprising charm of the Turquoise tone of the white body wall tiles and nuances reflected on the surface give an effect of tremendous fascination to the bathroom
AtlasConcorde Dwell 008 02 Turquoise-Ice
AtlasConcorde Dwell 008 03 Turquoise MosaicoQ
AtlasConcorde Dwell 008 04 Turquoise-Ice
AtlasConcorde Dwell 008 05 Turquoise ADV
AtlasConcorde Dwell 008 06 Smoke ST
The dynamic white body wall tiles combine the nuances, the uneven colors and the smooth surface of resin with the functionality and advantages of ceramic. Revised in a modern key, the charming Italian herringbone pattern gives a metropolitan character to the room
AtlasConcorde Dwell 008 07 Turquoise-Ice
AtlasConcorde Dwell 008 08 Turquoise-Ice MosaicoL
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