AtlasConcorde Dwell 009 00 OffWhite-Greige
Bathroom Hotel
Bathroom Hotel
AtlasConcorde Dwell 009 00 OffWhite-Greige
AtlasConcorde Dwell 009 01 OffWhite 3DGrid
The scenographic three-dimensional ceramic surface creates feature walls that combine geometry with the extreme brightness and depth of the glaze.
Elegant thanks to its bright surface and combined with the sharp and clean geometric lines, the three-dimensional ceramic cladding creates design-effect walls
Porcelain tiles inspired by hand-applied concrete have a surface rich in tonal nuances and details such as grains and flakes, for a material contemporary effect. The sought-after natural tones of the floors and walls are embellished with details that reinterpret the material aspect of resin and concrete spread by spatula, accentuating the realism and depth of the surfaces
AtlasConcorde Dwell 009 02 OffWhite 3DGrid
AtlasConcorde Dwell 009 03 OffWhite 3DGrid
Brilliant reliefs with a strong personality bestow character to the wall, for a three-dimensional cladding that combines aesthetics and functionality. Tiny tesserae rich in glossy reflections and speckles give life to multi-faceted and sparkling walls
AtlasConcorde Dwell 009 04 Greige MosaicoQ
AtlasConcorde Dwell 009 05 OffWhite-Greige
AtlasConcorde Dwell 009 06 Greige
AtlasConcorde Dwell 009 07 OffWhite-Greige 3DGrid
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