Resin and concrete look porcelain floor tiles for design projects

The striking porcelain tile surface that is soft to the touch enhances an elegant and bright contemporary space with the glossy effect of spatula-applied resin. The 75x150 size offers a design option for the creation of youthful and modern architectural spaces.

Made in italy

The porcelain tile surfaces have a palette of neutral and natural colors characterized by flakes, granules and graphic details that make them faithful reproductions of spatula-applied resin. Luminous honing gives the surface a soft and satin feel which is combined with elegant light effects that reveal more surface details and undertones of color. The honed finish inspired by spatula-applied resin of the large 75×150 size adds a soft sheen and continuity to the surfaces of a modern reception area. Tiny bricks with honed surface provide energetic reflections of light for walls with a modern, metropolitan feel.


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