Advanced porcelain tile surface that recalls the urban character and material of opaque brushed concrete stretched by hand

Inspired by brushed concrete, the matt porcelain tiles recall the urban and material character of opaque brushed concrete stretched by hand. The aesthetics reproduces the nuances and the irregularities so typical of the natural material of inspiration, such as changes and unevenness of colour, flakes and granules. A light micro-textured surface evokes and brings to life the effect of manual application.

Made in italy

A surface rich in detail and expressive chromatic changes covers an architectural design of high aesthetic value. This is enhanced by the use of white with two hues of grey, in combination with a wood effect decoration. The matt surface of porcelain tiles is enriched by a slight microtexture with subtle nuances in light and shade that faithfully reproduces the imperfections of concrete applied by hand. The color palette of porcelain tile flooring allows you to combine natural and neutral shades for elegant and contemporary tone-on-tone effects. The Herringbone decor recreates the timeless Italian herringbone pattern and gives a touch of originality thanks to the creative combination between concrete-effect and wood-effect. Strong, durable and easy to maintain, matt porcelain tiles are ideal for design areas subject to high footfall. Porcelain tiles in a matt finish, strong and durable, are ideal for commercial projects.


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