AtlasConcorde Dwell 001 00 Smoke-Turquoise
AtlasConcorde Dwell 001 00 Smoke-Turquoise
AtlasConcorde Dwell 001 01 Smoke-Turquoise ADV
A surprising honed porcelain ceramic surface inspired by glossy brushed resin, evoking its elegant brightness as well as providing a soft and pleasant feel to the touch. The honed finish reproduces a unique effect of light reflection, allowing the creation of minor irregularities on the surface akin to the look of resin and concrete spread by hand
The brighness of honed porcelain tiles cascades through a range of grey hues creating a refined project of contemporary style that is sharply broken by the brilliance of the turquoise covering
Floors with a honed surface brightens the space with a luminous finish that faithfully reproduces the effect of spatula-applied resin. The aesthetic of a honed surface combines the effect of spatula-applied resin along with the strength, durability and practicality of porcelain tiles
AtlasConcorde Dwell 001 02 Smoke-Turquoise
AtlasConcorde Dwell 001 03 Smoke-Turquoise
AtlasConcorde Dwell 001 04 Smoke-Turquoise
AtlasConcorde Dwell 001 10 Smoke ST
Wall tiles with a shiny and soft reflective surfaces are enhanced by a broad range of colors and the effect of spatula-applied effect. A surprising burst of color lights up the precious hues of grey which dress a trendy space with unique and original style.
AtlasConcorde Dwell 001 11 Turquoise ST
AtlasConcorde Dwell 001 07 Smoke-Turquoise
AtlasConcorde Dwell 001 06 Smoke-Turquoise
The dazzling personality of the turquoise color modulates the space with intense expressiveness and creative energy
AtlasConcorde Dwell 001 08 Smoke-Turquoise
AtlasConcorde Dwell 001 05 Smoke-Turquoise
AtlasConcorde Dwell 001 09 Smoke-Turquoise HexagonGold
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