Luxury consumer spaces that are refined and sumptuous

The elegance of the wood resin is brought back to life in honed porcelain slabs with a shiny and mirrored surface, for luxurious spaces rich class and splendour. Glittering floors in varnished wood look porcelain slabs evoke the aesthetic effect of the surface of wood resin, for spaces that combine luxury and functionality.

Made in italy

The incisive personality, originality and bright character of extremely shiny lapped wood look porcelain slabs perfectly blend with the charm of marble effect surfaces thanks to their intense expressiveness and extraordinary realism. In today’s business contexts and in showrooms of sophisticated luxury, the honed finish exalts the surroundings thanks to its soft extremely glossy, reflective mirrored porcelain look inspired by varnished wood. The combination of shiny and mirrored marble look porcelain surfaces creates spaces of unique splendour and exclusive character, combining aesthetics and functionality.


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