Marvel Floor&Wall Beige Mystery 45x90 Polished

Made in italy
  • Marvel Beige Mystery 45x90 Lappato Polished

    45x90 cm - 17 3/4”x35 3/8”


    9 mm

Floor Wall


V2 Moderate


U3 P3 E3 C2

Technical info

Conforme alla norma EN 14411 Appendice G gruppo BIa Group: BIa (G)

Regularity characteristics

ISO 10545-2

Length and width ±0.3% ±1.0mm

Thickness ±5.0% ±0.5mm

Straightness of sides ±0.3% ±0.8mm

Rectangularity ±0.3% ±1.5mm

ISO 10545-2

Surface flatness ±0.3% ±1.5mm

Structural features

ISO 10545-3

Water absorption level ≤0.1%

Bulk mechanical features

ISO 10545-4

Breaking strength S ≥1500 N

Modulus of Rupture R ≥40 N/mm2

ISO 10545-5

Impact resistance, as coeffi cient of restitution ≥0.55

Surface mechanical features

EN 101

Mohs hardness MOHS 5

ISO 10545-6

Resistance to deep abrasion of unglazed tiles (removed volume) ≤150mm3

Thermo-igrometric features

ISO 10545-8

Coefficient of linear thermal expansion ≤7 1/mk

ISO 10545-9

Thermal shock resistance Resistant

ISO 10545-10

Expansion due to humidity ≤0.01% (0.1mm/m)

ISO 10545-12

Frost resistance Resiste

Physical properties

EN 1348

Bond strength/adhesion for improved cementitious adhesives ≥1.0 N/mm2 (Class C2 - EN 12004)

Reaction to fire A1 - A1fl

Chemical features

ISO 10545-13

Resistance to household chemicals and swimming pool salts A

Resistance to low concentrations of acids and alkalis LA

Resistance to high concentrations of acids and alkalis 0

ISO 10545-14

Stain resistance 5

Safety characteristics

DIN 51130

Shod Ramp Test N.C.

ANSI A137.1 - 2012

Dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) <0.42Wet

B.C.R.A. Rep. CEC/81

Coefficient of friction (COF) >0.40Asciutto <0.40Bagnato

UNE-ENV 12633

Pendulum Friction Test -


The glossy polished finish is suitable for residential or low-traffic commercial floors, where no anti-slip performance is required, and for walls.
The glossy polished surface finish, surprisingly brilliant and bright, features slight irregularities typical of natural marble. The extraordinary brilliance and the easy cleaning of the surface are the result of in-depth research aimed at guaranteeing its durability over time.
If the product is in direct contact with the outdoors, provide devices for absorbing moisture and dirt to prevent scratches.


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