Hospitality & Wellness

Makati Diamond Residence

Modern and luxurious, the Makati Diamond Residences is located close to Manila in the Philippines. The hotel accommodation offers rooms finished with the utmost class, using wood-effect porcelain stoneware floors by Atlas Concorde.

Suites enshrouded in a natural wood-effect.
The bedrooms, elegant top suites fitted with every comfort, are characterized by indoor flooring that is continuous and elegant. The wood-effect porcelain stoneware of the Etic collection offers a sought-after collection of wood essences enhanced by unmistakable aesthetics and charm. Each suite is exalted by the sophisticated Etic Noce essence in the 22.5x90 format that, with its long wavy veining and soft knots create suggestive and welcoming ambiances in which to regenerate and relax.

The value of marble comes to life in the hotel bathrooms
Marvel marble-effect porcelain stoneware by Atlas Concorde was used in the planning of the elegant en suite bathrooms every room has. The Calacatta color shade enshrouds the bathroom floors with its intense charm. The bathroom project is further empowered by a marble-effect of the purest marble, interrupted by marked grey color veining.

An example of high-line hospitality design
Ideal for moments of relaxation and for business meetings, the hotel Makati Diamond Residences is situated in a convenient location near the commercial area and the fashion district of Manila. The architectural project is an example of hospitality design. The use of the wood-effect porcelain stoneware and marble-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces gives the project a luxurious aesthetic and eye-catching design, without neglecting safety and ease of maintenance.