Hospitality & Wellness

Park Wodny

Atlas Concorde was the chosen supplier for the floor and wall tiles in many of the areas of Wodny Park, a large and modern aquatic center in Tychy, Poland that can accommodate up to 1200 people at the same time.

The project used many collections from the Italian brand, and something for every taste. Cement-effect ceramic tiles are mixed and matched with stone- or wood-effect tiling, offering a different take on how a different style and design can best address the function of each area or zone.

Cement is the star in some areas, faithfully reproduced in ceramic tiles, offering the perfect answer to contemporary projects and spaces that place the spotlight on the charm of seasoned wood, molded and transformed by the passing of time.

The blend of elements inspired by natural materials includes stone-effect porcelain tiles, the forward-looking artistic expression of a very varied and multi-facetted material. The ceramic collection, with its high technical performance, versatility in terms of application and high standards of safety, is both hard-wearing and practical, and is ideal for areas of heavy foot traffic continuously exposed to water.

The ceramic collections used in Park Wodny are:

  • MARK, in GYPSUM and 30x60 cm format
  • ADVANCE in BIANCO, DORATO, MOCA, GRIGIO and NERO, format 60x60 cm
  • EWALL in RED and ORANGE, format 40x80 cm
  • GRANIGLIATI in BIANCO LASA, format 20x20 cm
  • AXI in GREY TIMBER, LASTRA format 60x60 cm 20mm thick
  • BLOCK in GRIGIO, format 30x60 cm