Private villa St. Genis Laval

A private dwelling in Saint Genius Laval in France, a space that combines appeal and functional design using Atlas Concorde outdoor flooring. The house expresses a sense of peace and relaxation thanks to its location surrounded by nature. The solid structure, planned using outdoor floors of the Seastone collection consists of large regular cubes and is facing the garden. The living room opens up to the outdoors thanks to large windows that create continuity between the interior design and the green nature around. The veranda is a scenic terrace and the floors are covered with Seastone LASTRA 20 mm 60x60, Atlas Concorde stone-look porcelain tiles that merge the natural beauty of stone and the excellent technical and functional performance of porcelain tiles. Stairs lead to a large swimming-pool that blends with the surrounding environment. Seastone features an evolved ceramic surface that is inspired by a careful selection of stone-look natural slabs, rich in varied fossil traces, perfect for residential projects of tremendous aesthetic and functional appeal. Specific for technical uses, the LASTRA 20mm version is characterised by a textured finish for outdoor flooring, creating a perfect balance between functionality and appeal. Atlas Concorde stone-look porcelain tiles in 2 cm thickness guarantees exclusive properties in terms of resistance, reliability and safety to any residential project.