Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware stone-effect floor tiles stand out in an original residential project in Lyon, adding a natural look and style to numerous outdoor surfaces. The innovative living projects of Villa Lyon and Villa Particulier feature a simple design, in which clear and clean lines create an elegant and contemporary style.

During the design phase the Sunrock stone-effect collection of porcelain stoneware surfaces was chosen, a project that includes five different stone looks used in architecture, actualised in a series with high-end aesthetics and design functionality. The exceptionally natural appeal of the surfaces, the result of accurate aesthetic research, results in an advanced ceramic product where each stone has a different appearance recalling the original material.

The textured surface provides stylistic continuity to the residential project, with applications that run from the interior to the ample outdoor spaces. Sunrock Travertino White's textured version ensures a great look and excellent technical properties. At the French villa the textured outdoor flooring wraps around the pool area, including the border areas that come into contact with the water. The textured porcelain stoneware has made it possible to design elegant walkways, stairs and outdoor shower area with practical and safe surfaces.  The outdoor design is adorned with dynamic Brick and Mosaic decorations, which complete the Sunrock stone-effect porcelain stoneware project. The play of geometric forms in different sizes, and the natural light stone effect of the surfaces provide a strong identity and stylistic continuity to this residential project combining natural and contemporary appeal.


Credit photo E.Saillet