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Beauty goes one step further with large porcelain tiles

These dramatic large-format porcelain tiles display the same intrinsic detail and sense of depth in all the products designed by Atlas Concorde. XL reaches new heights in the design of contemporary interiors.

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So many inspirations for any style of architecture

XL is an integrated porcelain tile system for internal floors and walls, offering a rich array of aesthetic solutions and is the perfect answer to all your needs in contemporary interior design.


XL format for a truly impeccable full-on look

With their great versatility, the large format porcelain tiles are ideal to design attractive contemporary spaces, where stylishness and function meet in perfect harmony.


Larger sizes, high performance levels

Large-sized porcelain slabs with exceptional technical properties and aesthetic qualities make XL the perfect companion for projects involving hospitality areas and public spaces.

  • Unalterable over time

  • High breaking load strength

  • Easy to handle and to maintain

  • Consistency of surface in subsequent product runs

  • Stain, detergent and scratch resistant