3D Wall Design Diamond. Polyhedral geometries for minimal and contemporary walls

The decorative three-dimensional wall tiles, resistant to moisture and easy to clean, are perfect for spa, wellness centres and hotel bathrooms, in particular used as shower tiles and for surfaces in contact with water.

Polyhedral geometrical patterns in relief run on the surface sculpted by light, exalting the three-dimensional effect of the ceramic walls thanks to plastic and dynamic light and shadow effects. Minimal and contemporary walls are styled by refined design textures for three-dimensional walls able to add the surface with a touch of harmony and liveliness. The geometrical relief is enhanced and modelled by light effects. Ceramic wall tiles do not turn yellow even if exposed to direct light. The three-dimensional motif in relief marks the walls and makes it the focus of the space. The three-dimensional ceramic surfaces, resistant to moisture and easy to clean, are the perfect solution for kitchen walls.

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