A natural palette with a touch of colour, for trendy interiors

Large sizes of porcelain tiles are ideal for covering the wide, open spaces of contemporary architecture with interior floors of urban character.

Coordinated floor and wall finishes of neutral shades are met by patches of expressive color on the wall for a design of expressive power in a modern wellness center. Inspired by the world of shiny synthetic resins, the expressiveness of the turquoise shade gives the walls of the wellness area a burst of deep color. The combination of walls with vivid colors and floors with concrete-inspired cool tones creates a welcoming and creative atmosphere. Inspired by the world of synthetic resins, white body wall tiles with a shiny glaze ensure an ease of maintenance in every context. Matt porcelain tiles reproduce the metropolitan aspect of concrete applied by hand with an aesthetic that reproduces its typical irregularities: uneven color variation, flakes and granules. Large size porcelain tiles are ideal for covering large, open areas of contemporary floors that recall the urban character of concrete applied by hand. An elegant listel mosaic magnifies the impact of transparent hues. It can be set either vertically or horizontally.

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