A meeting of materials

Stay is a high-tech project that balances the natural style of any urban, residential and commercial space with advanced technical performances in terms of resistance, functionality, hygiene and safety.
This rectified monocaliber porcelain stoneware collection has a natural stone look with a simple and discrete texture: a perfect material to dress the pure and minimal shapes of modern architecture.
The 4 warm and natural colours (Harbour, Skyline, District and Downtown ) have a strong affinity with materials like wood, glass, fabrics and metal, protagonists of contemporary furniture trends. In addition to the matt surface, the honed finish is available allowing a touch of elegance and refinement.
The wide range of sizes allows a great versatility: from the paving of large scale projects (60×60) to wall installations (30×60). The 30×30 size is the perfect choice for smaller areas.
The decor set using small sizes, cuts, sanded finishes and other surface processes fits both floor and wall applications with a simple and discrete, architectural style.


Technology: Fine porcelain stoneware – Rectified monocaliber.
Sizes: 60×60, 30×60, 45×45, 30×30.
Colours: Harbour, Skyline, District, Downtown, Park, Seaside, Urban, Village.
Surface: Matt and Honed.