The opportunity to improve project-planning of spaces, the easy access to electric circuits and cables and the aesthetic appeal represent only part of the many advantages offered by the use of raised floors. Compared to traditional flooring solutions, Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware raised floors are more:


  • The gap created can be used as a technical space to house thermal, hydraulic, electrical cables, IT networks, etc, optimizing the project-planning of buildings and their living comfort.
  • They allow for the freedom to renovate spaces and make them suitable to new styles and needs, increasing personalisation.
  • They permit restyling and functional renovation works with tremendous flexibility allowing for the assemblage and re-assemblage of the structures without the need for burdensome interventions.
  • They eliminate the problems deriving from the direct installation onto the footing.
  • Provided that there is enough space between the substrate and the threshold, Atlas Concorde raised floors can be used in any space and venue.
  • They allow for the planning and dressing of spaces in a capillary, more effective way, following a “step by step” logic, that is to say scheduling works and intervention according to current needs and urgencies .
  • When necessary maintenance operations on the floor or the technical gap are called for, it is possible to intervene on the single element requiring maintenance simply by removing and lifting the panel.
  • As for outdoor application, the technical gap solves the problems that usually affect traditional floors in adverse weather conditions such as: moisture, unexpected early frost and thermal shock .