Atlas Concorde LINEA slim thickness slabs have been designed and developed to cover existing floors and to tile any kind of wall, both indoors and outdoors. A thoroughly versatile system hence suitable for standard uses, yet bound to carve out a position for other types of use thanks to its natural disposition to suit all design venues and particularly those special situations, such as renovation projects or bio-architecture plans needing maximum performance and minimum impact.


LINEA slim thickness slabs are designed and developed to adapt with “zero impact” to all architectural restyling solutions. Their thinness, lightness, handling and working easiness are in fact the key elements that make LINEA slabs ideal for all building renovation plans. This way LINEA allows the creative renovation of homes with no need to demolish with low impact on time, costs and consumption. This makes them suitable for all commercial venues such as hotels, residences, restaurants, shops, public offices, where renovation must be swift and service regularity need to be guaranteed.