To guarantee the utmost performance and quality, Atlas Concorde ventilated wall systems are subject to strict assessment tests measuring their resistance to load, wind as well as their impact strength. The tests are carried out at the Institute for Building Technology at the CNR in Milan in compliance with the European industry standards set out by the draft ETAG 034 draft and they have tested the ventilated walls systems in two different surface finishes (matt and polished) as well as different thicknesses of Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware slabs.

Wind load resistance
The test carried out on the Atlas Concorde ventilated wall sample slab consisted in pre-defined pressure cycles being applied onto the face of the porcelain stoneware slab. The results were extraordinary, safely reaching a wind load strength some 14 to 19 times greater than the strength of a hurricane, both in positive pressure tests (430km/h wind and +9450Pa) and in negative pressure tests (512 km/h wind and -13080 Pa).

Impact strength
This test measured impact stresses on Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware slabs to simulate the accidental shock caused by hard bodies of small dimensions (i.e. a stone propelled towards the external covering) and soft bodies of larger dimensions (i.e. caused by people or footballs). The test registered extremely positive results in both cases, the porcelain stoneware tiles with matt finish and thickness of 10mm reinforced with glass fibre mesh obtaining the best results.

Please Note
Technical report ITC no. 5326/RT/2011 (Wind load resistance)
Technical report ITC no. 5327/RP/2011 (Impact strength).
Assessment in compliance with the draft ETAG 034, May 2011 edition.

Definition of use categories in compliance with draft ETAG 034, May 2011 ed., table 4

Use category


An area that is easily accessible on the ground floor and vulnerable to shock caused by hard bodies but not subject to burdensome loads in an anomalous way.


An area subject to the impact by thrown or kicked objects but in public venues where the kit height will limit the impact strength or at lower levels where the access to the building is mainly destined to those who have reason to show care and attention.


An area that is not subject to the damage caused by normal shock caused by people or by objects that are thrown or kicked.


An area deemed not to be subject to damage caused at ground level.

Summary of test results and performance differentiated upon slab type

Type of product  
Standard slab thickness 10 mm not reinforced with glass fibre mesh

Category III

Polished slab thickness 9.3 mm not reinforced with glass fibre mesh

Category IV

Standard slab thickness 10 mm reinforced with glass fibre mesh

Category II

Polished slab thickness 9.3 mm reinforced with glass fibre mesh

Category III