Sunscreens are sunlight protection systems designed and developed specifically for the external facades of buildings. Often combined with ventilated facade systems, these solar protection systems can be fixed or adjustable to prevent direct sunlight falling onto windows, roof lights or interruption in the facade. With the view of offering a thorough service for the external cladding of buildings, Atlas Concorde, not only offers ventilated wall coverings, but now puts forward an innovative, patented sunscreen system in porcelain stoneware that completes the consistency and aesthetic uniformity of its product offer.

The system proposed by Atlas Concorde and Abaco Solutions, foresees two different solutions:

Fixed sunscreen: the system consists of a concealed upright, placed on the back of the screen, on which porcelain stoneware is installed and supported by a frame. During project-planning, the distance between the system parts and their inclination must be determined in order to obtain the necessary calculations to retain energy from the sunlight and the optimum diffusion of light into the interior space.

Adjustable sunscreen: as with the previous system, it is constructed using a concealed upright and the application of porcelain stoneware slabs supported by a frame that have been spaced depending on the specific project needs. The difference between this and the fixed sunscreen system is the ability to be continually adjusted depending on sunlight and solar power. The orientation of the porcelain stoneware slabs can be adjusted via an electrical actuator; the movement of each element can be made for single areas or specific sections of the building or could even be completely closed, giving the impression of a continuous surface to the facade. This system can therefore also be used as a viable anti-tampering or anti-intrusion device.