Ceramic surfaces for various destinations of use

Design projects underline the creative potential of ceramic products used in real sets.

Destination of use

Atlas Concorde ceramic floors and walls offer tremendous planning potential to create design projects.

Ceramic collections are suitable for various applications thanks to surfaces that combine aesthetic appeal and technical performance. The thorough and versatile range is perfect to cover any surface: walls, indoor floors, outdoor floors.

Atlas Concorde photographic sets for residential and commercial projects underline the creative potential of the company’s floor and wall range. Every single photographic set highlights the details able to enhance the surface aesthetics and the advantages of Atlas Concorde design floors and walls.

All the venues created in specially designed photographic sets highlight the product characteristics for a specific destination of use, be it either commercial or residential such as hospitality, wellness, business and shopping venues and living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.

In commercial venues, the application goes from hospitality and wellness projects to business spaces and contemporary shopping malls.

Using Atlas Concorde floors and walls it is possible to design hospitality spaces, business lounges and shopping areas thanks to a broad product range, extremely versatile. Moreover, the technical features of the products are an unrivalled added value.

Atlas Concorde floors and walls are dedicated to any residential space: living-room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and outdoor spaces mirror the personality and style of those who live them. In the residential sector, the elegant bathrooms stand out where wall tiles feature excellent functionality and appeal. There are other photographic sets dedicated to other spaces in the house, such as the living-room and the bedroom: here Atlas Concorde products allow for tremendous personalisation with durable and easy to maintain surfaces.