AtlasConcorde Aix 001 00 Beige
Resort mediterraneo
Resort mediterraneo
AtlasConcorde Aix 001 00 Beige
AtlasConcorde Aix 001 01 Beige
A country home reinterpreted as an exclusive resort
Bright and welcoming spaces that open onto the Mediterranean countryside that surrounds them, where the barriers between internal and external spaces blur to the point of disappearing, characterising the interiors of this Mediterranean mood resort.
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Among the various decorations in the range, Brick Tumbled reinforces the collection’s authentic flavour.
The mosaic is tumbled, with an edging that recalls that of stones worn by time. With its characteristic size, it reinterprets a traditional installation to bring a modern twist and real dynamism to the design.
AtlasConcorde Aix 001 05 Beige Brick
AtlasConcorde Aix 001 07 Beige
AtlasConcorde Aix 001 06 Beige
AtlasConcorde Aix 001 04 Beige
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AtlasConcorde Aix 001a 03 Beige
AtlasConcorde Aix 001a 02 Beige Brick
Modules to create a link in and out
With their textured surface, the two sizes - 22.5x45.3 cm and 22.5x22.5 cm - are specifically designed for use in outdoor environments, combining practicality, performance and character in contemporary hospitality locations.
AtlasConcorde Aix 001a 04 Beige
AtlasConcorde Aix 001a 06 Beige
AtlasConcorde Aix 001a 05 Beige Brick
AtlasConcorde Aix 001a 07 Beige Brick
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